Thrift Shop

Welcome to Livia’s Thrift Shop

The Livia Thrift Shop strives to be a more economic alternative to your usual maternity store. You’ll find here the same quality clothes at discounted prices and in good condition. We also aim to encourage responsible consumption with the offer of second hand clothing. We encourage the recycling of good quality maternity clothing and do our part in minimizing the waste that is usually involved with this specific type of clothing.

Do you have any maternity clothing to donate ?

We’ll take them ! In order to offer a good and wide variety of choice, we accept maternity clothing in one of the following options:

– Donate your clothes.

– Offer your clothes in consignment. We offer back 50% of the purchase price once sold.

Do you have any clothes to donate ? We invite you to contact us to arrange the donation/consignment.

For more information on how our maternity thrift shop works, we invite you to visit our FAQ section.

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