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Rental Clothing

How Does it Work ?

  1. Create your account.
  2. Choose your rental package.
  3. Choose the clothes you want and add them to your checkout cart. You can also add any clothes you want to your wishlist before checking out.
  4. Proceed to the checkout cart.
  5. Enjoy your Livia box and use your pre stamped return sticker to return your clothes at the end of your rental period.

What Different Rental Packages are Offered by Livia?

Livia offers 3 different rental packages :

  1. One dress for $ 55, rental duration of two weeks;
  2. Three items for $ 65, rental duration of a month;
  3. Six items for $ 90, rental duration of a month;

Shipping fees are included.

How Do I Choose my Clothes ?

First of all, we recommend you use our size filter in order to choose your fit. At all times, you can add any clothes you like to your wishlist. From there, you can choose the corresponding amount of clothes established by your rental package and add them to your checkout cart. You can always skip the wishlist and go directly to your checkout cart.

What’s the Standard Delivery Time ?

3 to 5 work days is our standard delivery time starting from the moment the order is placed. Don’t worry, we are always trying our best to get your order delivered as quickly as possible.

How Do you Clean and Maintain the Clothes ?

After each rental, Livia cleans and inspect every returned clothes to make sure they are always at their best for when you need it. That means that when you are done, no need to think about it, we’ll take it from there. If ever you feel like you want to clean it during your rental period, just make to sure to follow the cleaning steps shipped with your clothes.

When my Rental Period is Over, How do I Return my Livia Box ?

You can use the pre stamped sticker that comes in the box. All clothes must be returned within the same box you received. If you lose your return sticker, please contact us.

How Do I Know When to Return my Box ?

You order date is your best friend. For example, if you ordered on the 1st of may, we have to receive the return notification, at the latest, on the 1st of june.

What if I Want to Renew Some of my Clothes for the Following Rental ?

It is always possible to renew Items. All we ask is that you contact us to inform us which specific items you wish to renew, we will adjust the rental accordingly.

Is it Possible to Purchase Some of These Clothes ?

Of course ! Let us know which Item you’d like to buy. The price will vary depending on the rental ratio as well as the initial price of the item.  

What Happens if I Damage my Clothes ?

With each rental package you can, for an additional $ 7, add a warranty option. This damage warranty covers any minor damage (holes, ripped clothing, missing button, washable stain, etc.) Any major damage, which would render the item no longer usable, will apply additional fees. Please always refer to your rental terms.

What if the Fit Isn’t Right or if I’m Not Satisfied With my Clothes ?

We invite you to contact us if any insatisfaction arises with one of the items.

Do you Take any Used Maternity clothes ?

Yes of course. This being said, we vigorously inspect each piece of clothing that we have in order to offer high quality fashion to our clients. If any clothes don’t make the cut, we gladly give to clothes away to charity.

How Do I Cancel my Subscription ?

The subscription payment is monthly. You can always cancel the upcoming month at any time from you profile settings. Please refer to the rental terms.



How do I donate/consign my clothes to Livia ?

Contact us and we will set up an appointment to collect the items.

What type of clothes do you accept ?

We accept all types of maternity and nursing clothing in every size. We don’t accept bathing suits, pyjamas or underwear.

Do I have to clean my clothes before you collect them ?

We ask you to kindly wash the clothes you want to donate/consign before we collect them.

If I decide to consign my clothes in your thrift shop, what is the percentage amount that is returned to me ?

For every sale we make of any consignment item we return 50 % of the purchase price (before taxes and shipping fees).

How will I receive my money back after the sale ?

The money is transferred by PayPal. It is therefore essential that the clothing owner has a PayPal account (free). If the payment is not collected on PayPal 30 days after sending the funds, Livia reserves the right to cancel the request.

Once the sale is done, when do I receive the money ?

Every 1st monday of the month, we do accounts payable. You will then receive a notification informing you of the amount you will receive on our behalf.

Who decides at what prices the clothing item will be sold ?

Knowing the initial purchase price really helps us when deciding on the selling price. You can always suggest amounts you’d think would be good for your clothes. This being said, LIvia ultimately decides on the final price of the sale. Since this is a thrift shop, we do want to keep the purchase prices affordable.

What happens If my clothes doesn’t sell ?

We do a rotation of our inventory at the end of each winter and summer season to update our thrift shop selection. When that happens, we do a final quick sale on everything that’s left in order to liquidate the remaining items. If after that your clothes has not been sold, you can decide to take your clothes back. If you don’t want your clothes back and prefer we keep them, we will gladly donate any remaining clothes to women in need via various  organizations.

Can I return or exchange the clothes I buy ?

We accept all returns or exchanges. Delivery fees will be at your expense.

Are there any delivery fees ?

Delivery fees are fixed at 8 $ for any order below 150 $ (before taxes). The price may vary for any international shipping.

What is the time of delivery ?

A delivery time of 3 to 5 days is applicable once the purchase is done. As usual, we do our best to deliver your purchase ASAP !

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