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Who are we ?

Our mission is to accompany women during their pregnancy by helping them vary and complete their closet with rentals. Livia is your new source for maternity clothes with our big diverse style pieces for work or any other occasions.

Coralie and Katherine, co-founders of the company, care about offering diverse maternity clothes from Quebec and elsewhere you wouldn’t find. 

Who is Livia ?

Livia is a woman with character that stands out generally as a leader among a group. Greedy for discovery, she is always looking for novelty. Active, bold, ambitious, she will not let anything come in the way of her objectif.

When Coralie and Katherine founded Livia, it was clear for them that the company was a woman. During a walk around on their lunch time, a colleague told them about that name she would give to her daughter if she would have a second one. As soon as they heard it, they fell in love with that name.

In the name Livia, the first syllable «Liv» reminds the englidh word «live», meaning live. In addition in the sonority «via», we recognize the word life. For pregnant women that will give birth to a human being that grow inside during 9 months, that name make sens because our mission is to accompany those women.


Katherine et Coralie
Katherine and Coralie
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